The brief summary on our history page is just a start. We need your help to “flesh out” our full story! Please let us know more…

Marching contest results and concert contest results for your years in the Tuscola/Waynesville bands? (Please be specific on contest/year/directors, and everything you can remember.)

National, State and District Honor Band members/year; 

Special trips/festivals/year and festival contest results;

Your Band stories – memorable times, profound insights, funny/crazy things; and,

Newspaper clippings of Tuscola/Waynesville band stories. (Please snap good legible photos of those and be sure to include the Publication & Date!),



Please send whatever you have or remember to: Jim Harrison – Tuscola Band Alumnus – Class of 1972.

(Note: for files/pictures > 10MB you can use WeTransfer (a free file transfer service for up to 2GB.))


Chip Killian – Waynesville Band Alumnus – Class of 1962, is compiling everything we can find covering the Tuscola/Waynesville Band’s history. 


Thank you! And Go Mountaineers!



Rifle Practice – 1974
Marching Mountaineers – 2016

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