The Marching Mountaineers have been musical ambassadors for the Town of Waynesville and Haywood County, North Carolina since the 1930s (Waynesville HS from 1939 to 1966, Tuscola HS since 1966).


The Tuscola Band can be your business ambassador too!




How Sponsorship Helps Your Business/Organization

Being a Tuscola Band Sponsor shouts to the entire community your dedicated support for the musical arts and superb music education.

Our sponsorship levels tailor the reach of your message:

  • Several thousand website/social media followers(e.g. – Facebook: 1200+ at Tuscola Band and 500+ at Tuscola Marching Band Alumni),
  • All customers entering your door (and potential customers passing by),
  • Many hundreds more at Tuscola Band concerts every year,
  • The thousand-plus students, faculty, staff and visitors at Tuscola High School every day,
  • Thousands more at Tuscola football games, and
  • Thousands more at marching band and concert contests and exhibitions near and far.

We have a wide range of Sponsorship Levels and Benefits to match your needs. 

Become a Tuscola Band Sponsor at one of the levels described below and the Tuscola Band community will be a blow your horn style musical ambassador for your business or organization for the 2024-2025 school year. 


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits


Please click the SPONSOR NOW button to select your sponsorship level, make your donation and become a Tuscola Band Sponsor.



How Your Sponsorship Helps the Band

Your Tuscola Band Sponsorship enables superb music education, helps provide the many essential ingredients for the Marching Mountaineers to create outstanding musical performances for the community, and for all the band’s audiences at games, competitions, festivals, parades and concerts near and far.

Your generous donations go to the Tuscola Band’s most pressing current needs. These include: instruments (like Sousaphones, vibraphone, etc.), uniforms and accessories, flags & show props, audio gear, transportation, contest fees, Director’s Assistants, music and drill … and all the other things that keep your Marching Mountaineers and concert bands sounding great, looking super, and delivering exceptional performances. For more information on our current needs please see: How Your Gifts Help.


Student Opportunity Sponsorships

Another way to be a Tuscola Band Sponsor – donate toward the Band Fees of students in-need. Our community always makes sure that financial hardship isn’t an issue for a student’s participation in Band!

You’ll be recognized as a Student Opportunity Sponsor with the benefits indicated below.


Half of Band Fee for One Student     $165     — Partner —

All of Band Fee for One Student        $325     — Leader —

All of Band Fee for Two Students      $650     — Conductor —



A limited number of Student Opportunity Sponsorships are available each year.



More Sponsorship Information

Yearly, recurring Sponsorship commitments help the Band the most! Please consider making your Sponsorship a recurring one.

All Tuscola Band Sponsors receive invitations to Band performances, and regular email updates on Band news. Tuscola Band Sponsorships are annual, spanning the school year – August 2024 thru June 2025. Sponsorship renewals happen May – June every year.

The Tuscola-Waynesville Band Boosters is a 501(c)(3) organization. A tax exempt letter is provided with each donation.


About Your Secure Donation

Your donations are processed securely through Zeffy, our payment service who works only with non-profits. Zeffy uses Stripe, one of the world’s largest and most secure payment processors.

Please consider a small voluntary gift to Zeffy. A gift to Zeffy is not required, We suggest ~3-4% of your donation amount.

Example: for a $50 donation, a 4% gift to Zeffy is $2, as shown here. 



Zeffy provides their valuable service to thousands of non-profits across North America! Most other platforms charge transaction fees + platform fees totaling 5-10% (or more).


Questions and ideas?

We are happy to work with you to meet your goals!


Please contact:

Michael Sams, President

Tuscola – Waynesville Band Boosters


Thank you! And Go Mountaineers!!


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